Wednesday, 26 August 2020

TBS, the most entertaining channel

If you are interested to activate TBS, it’s time to learn the channel activation steps. Let us provide a few updates here to know the available cable providers, the most-watched shows and much more

Friday, 7 August 2020

Bravo TV App on Roku using

 Bravo app is the proper spot to those who fancy watching the latest movies and shows. To Activate Bravo on Roku, follow these steps to experience the latest and greatest that airs to Bravo TV via Roku. If you need guidance to reach out this number @ +1-805-741-1200

Downloading and activating the Bravo app on Roku via

To stream the latest TV shows and movies on your Roku, follow these simple steps below.

· For starters, turn on your Roku device.

· Now all you need to do is to head to the Channels Store on your Roku.

· Enter “Bravo TV” in the search column and hit OK.

· Wait for the search results to appear. It might take up to 60 seconds, depending on your network.

· Now click on the Add Channel button next to the Bravo TV app to download it on your Roku.

· Once installed, open the Bravo TV app on your Roku.

· Wait for the activation code to generate. Once generated, the code will be displayed.

· Head to activation portal on your web browser and enter the code.

· If prompts, enter your login credentials.

· Wait for the confirmation.

Congratulations. You can now access all the latest movies and greatest TV Shows on your Roku via Bravo TV app. You can also stream all your favorite reality TV shows such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Below Deck, Vanderpump Rules, and more!

Features of Bravo TV on Roku

You can catch the latest episodes of Bravo TV shows, the day after they air on TV. Additionally, you can cast your favorite episodes on the Bravo to your TV via the mobile app. Also, the app preserves your place so you can continue watching later!

Please do contact our customer care helpline at any time if you still face issues with Bravo TV activation on Roku via

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

The top destination for family and kids on Roku.

At first, TBS is a TV Everywhere app that enables users of a participating TV and satellite providers to view the channel and previously aired content on their Roku devices.

  • Moreover, this channel app provides a live feed of their cable broadcast and a demanding library of content that consists of many famous shows series along with sports and films.

  • Install the channel from the Roku channel store and activate it via opting for the pay TV provider.

How to stream and watch TBS channel shows on the Roku device?

Following guidelines can help you to install and activate the TBS channel app on the Roku device:

Install and add channel

  • First of all, you must install the TBS channel app from the Roku channel store.

  • After that, go to the Roku channel store by scrolling to the left side of the screen.

  • Secondly, choose the Streaming channels and navigate to the Movies, TV category on the Roku channel store.

  • Next, you have to search for the TBS channel app among the list of streaming channels available.

  • Further, if you cannot find it over there, then opt for the search option.

  • Type the name of the channel in to the find bar and wait for the results.

  • On the other hand, select the Add channel option and press the OK button.

Activate TBS channel

  • Besides, open the app and receive the channel code for activation on the TV screen.

  • The TBS channel activation code will be on the TV screen.

  • Note this code and visit, accessing a web browser.

  • Also, choose the cable TV provider and log in with the credentials.

  • Finally, click hit Activate to start streaming all your favorite contents of the channel app.


You can talk with our technical support squad @ +1-805-741-1200 to get more information regarding TBS channel and its activation via Also read our latest blog and get to know more about Roku


Wednesday, 22 July 2020

How to install and activate the Travel channel on my Roku device?

At first, the Travel Channel is a TV Everywhere app, which means you will require a cable or satellite TV service before you could start with the activation process. Moreover, to watch it without cable, you can make use of the Sling TV service that consists of the app. Subscribe to this service, download the app, and start streaming Travel channel on Roku.

Following guidelines can help you to install and activate the Travel channel on Roku device:

· At first, please turn on the Roku device and set it ready to download the Travel channel app.
· Scroll to the left side of the screen and choose the Streaming channels menu.
· After that, move to the Movies and TV, Travel section, and look for the app.
· If you cannot get it there, then choose the Search option.
· Moreover, input the name of the app into the search bar and wait for the results.
· Next, select the app on the results and check for the channel info.
· Further, highlight the app and opt for the Add channel option.
· Now, press the Roku OK button to get the app on your Roku device.
· Once after installation, reach the channel list and check for the Travel Channel app.
· Thirdly, open the app on your device to get the channel activation code.
· Note this code and open a web browser and navigate to
· Similarly, choose the cable TV provider from the list available.
· In the activation page, input the channel link code.
· Finally, check for the code twice and click Activate.
· This initiates the app's activation process, and then you can watch all your favorite shows available.

Contact our professional expert squad by dialing the toll-free number +1-805-741-1200 to know more about Travel channel and its activation process via

Friday, 26 June 2020

Roku activation Guide for setup process

Roku is simply one of the most excellent devices that perform its operations with a lot of integrity. With many gadgets in its lineup, you might have a tough time choosing the right one for your home.

Roku’s latest update has included a Spanish version of the interface to help the Hispanic people out there in America. Experts claim that this is Roku’s smartest move so far, and they are making several attempts to cover the whole country.

Since you might need an insight before using the product, let us see what this gadget is all about

Roku activation process

To activate the Roku device, here are the steps that you need to perform:

1. In the beginning, power on both the Roku device and the TV
2. Then, you can note that the Roku Logo appears on the display
3. After the symbol vanishes, the screen shows you a code
4. Just note the code and take out another device
5. Open a web browser and then surf to 
6. So, it is here you have to paste the code
7. Click the submit option, and notification shall ping 

It states that the device has been activated successfully, and now you can move on to the next process.

Creating an account

Creating a new Roku TV is just a cakewalk and follow the steps below it:

1. In the first place, open a web browser and hover to the website
2. Under the sign-up column, you shall have to enter the required details
3. The features include first name, second name, e-mail, Location and Payment
4. You can either opt for the PayPal or Credit Card data for handling the transactions
5. Finally, click the submit option and you shall receive the credentials
6. Then you can sign in and access the Roku channel store

Steps to add the channels

We’ve come to the most crucial part, which is why Roku is known to be more fun:

1. Initially, navigate to the search box using the Roku remote find
2. In the space, type your favorite app’s name and tap the enter key
3. A list of results shall be displayed and pick out the right one
4. Choose the Add channel tab icon, and the app gets downloaded for your account

After the download, perform the activation process and watch all the content in the specified app.


In case of any queries with the device support, all the professional panel, and nullify the issues | +1-844-839-1180

Thursday, 11 June 2020

DisneyNow- A complete guide

Disney Now is known to be a streaming app that gives you the license to watch all your favorite shows and films. If you wish to have this channel to your lineup, then you can vouch for the pay-TV provider and it is vital for combining all of Disney’s various NOW apps.

You can even enjoy content from many channels such as Disney Channel, Junior and XD. The app is also known to have a host of numerous games to its lineup as well.

In this article, let us look at the various aspects of the Disney Now platform | +1-844-839-1180

The release

With the release of Disney Now app, you can now watch content from various genres such as films, Live TV, and music all under one section.

Well, Disney had thought not to waste much time by providing single apps for each and every channel. But instead, the idea of a combination originated and it has certainly paid off.

Times have been changing for real and Disney has seemingly added more customized traits to the app. If your toddlers are members of pre-school, then this platform is specially designed for them.

The app is also known to remind where you had actually left off. It even offers a combination of the content of several variants.

You can even find out games, music and lots of special performances too. The platform also adds the ability to view linear TV channels.

On a monthly basis, several channels are being added to the app.

Adding the Disney Now app

If you’re a Roku user, then it’s well and good. Then take note of the steps below:

1. First of all, go to the Roku channel store and find the Disney Now app
2. Click the Add channel option and induct the app to your account
3. Then proceed with the activation process
4. Open a web browser and navigate to the
5. Enter the activation code in the space
6. Click the continue option and the channel gets activated


In case of any queries with the Disney Now sign-in process, then you can contact the support team and get the issues fixed | +1-844-839-1180

 You can also take a look at the setup guide and fix out the hassle by yourself

Friday, 29 May 2020

How to setup your Hulu Account?

Roku setup

The Roku account is the identity that proves that you’re a Roku user. It is the storage house of all the data that is related to the channels you’ve preferred and the settings.

As you know, Roku has an infinite collection of platforms. With OTT services such as Netflix and Amazon prime Video in its lineup, you cannot deny the fact that Roku has become the chosen one in all American Households.

In this article, you shall know about the Roku account setup process and the different variances that are involved in it. So, lets start with the basics.

The account setup

To start with the Roku account setup, you’ve to follow the guidelines below:

1. Initially, open the web browser and navigate to the website
2. After you hover to the page, you shall notice various spaces to enter the details
3. Please provide your first name, second name, region and payment data
4. For payment, you can either give your credit card nor the PayPal account information
5. Click Submit in the final phase and you can receive the account credentials
6. Using the username and password, login into the Roku website
7. Now you can access the Roku channel store and add the channels of your choice

Before this, you’ve to perform the Roku device activation process. Just surf to the and paste the code you had already noted down. The device gets into the operational state and you can watch all your favorite content


In case of any queries with the Roku account setup process, you can contact the support team at +1-844-839-1180 and get the issues fixed. The professional panel is well versed in tackling out the problems.